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Skin Education

Understanding how the education behind the skin and how it works in conjunction with the body is so important.  Also understanding how we are all different and all of our skin can not be treated the same.  Customskin was started and based on my passion for helping education the client on the basic concepts as well as working to create the perfect blend of products for each person.  For many that can be a simple process to just maintain balance and prevention of aging, and for others that may be a continued process of what works for them daily, weekly, and according to arising issues.  The skin became a passion for me when as a young adult I began to struggle with every aspect of my skin.  Dealing with hormonal issues, Gluten Issues, and allergy issues skincare, aging, and cosmetics became a challenge.  I began to dig deep into research of products and ingredients, as well as starting to blend products for myself to make it work for me. Also as my struggle with celiac and gluten became more real it was important to know and understand that these agents were in all my beauty products as well.  Our skin is our largest organ which means that what I put in my body will reflect on my skin, as well as what I put on my skin will penetrate in to cause reaction as well.  The Beauty from the inside out is a true statement I live by each day. Also learning and educating on what to do not only for the body but the skin on a daily basis is so important.  My goal is to not only help my clients educate themselves on how the skin works but to also understand and figure out a daily plan for them along with how to handle issues as they arise.  Helping others work with achieving great skin has been something that I have realized is so needed.  Like myself it was such a struggle for years to figure out even the basics and were to start.  My biggest tip is start simple and build confidence in educating yourself on ingredients as well understanding that the skin is a process and not a overnight fix.  But with truly understanding and listening to my clients together we will get the perfect products and perfect Customblends for them.  The best part, I have made so many amazing friends while seeing their confidence glow!

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