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IV Therapy

CustomSkin Spas believes in providing you with innovative wellness solutions tailored to enhance your overall health and beauty.

One of our cutting-edge offerings is IV Therapy, a revolutionary approach to delivering essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This method ensures rapid absorption, allowing your body to process 100% of the nutrients it needs, surpassing the typical 20% absorption rate from diet and oral supplements.


Why Choose IV Therapy at CustomSkin Spas?


1. A Great Way to Rehydrate

If you've been feeling dehydrated, run down, or simply had a hectic few days, our vitamin infusion therapies can rehydrate you effectively. Our Get Up and Go IV, enriched with essential electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, is your go-to choice to refresh and rejuvenate.


2. A Weight Loss Kick Starter

Embark on your weight loss journey with our Fat Burner Plus drip, containing amino acids like carnitine and arginine. This unique blend accelerates metabolism, aids in weight reduction, promotes muscle mass, and enhances liver function when coupled with a healthy diet.


3. Helps Your Athletic Performance

For fitness enthusiasts, our Muscle Builder infusion is designed to repair cellular damage, reduce recovery time, fuel muscle growth, and improve endurance. Elevate your athletic performance and optimize your journey towards better health and fitness.


4. A Fast and Pain-Free Pick-Me-Up

Experience the convenience of quick, pain-free vitamin infusions, lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. Whether you choose the Energizer, Ultimate Hit Drip, Wellness, or Get Up & Go drips, you can give your body a rapid boost of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes, seamlessly integrating into your busy day.


5. Boosts Your Immune System

Enhance your immune system with the Immuno Booster, harnessing the power of B vitamins and amino acids like lysine. Originally used to support cancer patients, IV therapy at CustomSkin Spas now offers everyone the opportunity to strengthen their immune system.


6. Great for Healthier Skin

Nourish your skin from within with the Skin Brightening drip, featuring a high dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C not only contributes to soft and smooth skin but also protects against sun damage and certain skin diseases.


7. Ideal for People with Conditions Causing Nutritional Deficiencies

Individuals with conditions like Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, colon cancer, short bowel syndrome, or cystic fibrosis can benefit from IV therapy. Our Health Boost Plus and Wellness drips provide a potent blend of amino acids, vital for nutrient transportation and overall health maintenance.


8. Increases Your Energy Levels

Experience a natural, lasting energy boost with the Energizer drip, featuring a mix of B vitamins and amino acids. Say goodbye to short-lived energy spikes from coffee or sugar.


9. Great for Your Cardiovascular Health

Support your cardiovascular health with amino acids like arginine and electrolytes such as magnesium. While it can't replace a healthy lifestyle, the Energizer drip complements your efforts towards heart health.


10. Boosts Your Mental Health

IV therapy at CustomSkin Spas goes beyond physical wellness, offering relief for symptoms of anxiety and depression. Nutrients like taurine and magnesium, backed by clinical studies, work to reduce stress, promote quality sleep, and alleviate anxiety.


Experience the transformative power of IV therapy at CustomSkin Spas, where science meets beauty and well-being. Elevate your health and radiance with our personalized IV treatments.

Our IV Therapy starts at $150 with your choice of 3 nutrients!

VITAMIN C - The Antioxidant Wonder! 

Say hello to ascorbic acid, your superhero against free radicals, those pesky troublemakers causing chaos in your body. This antioxidant powerhouse defends you from the villains – cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. But that's not all! Ascorbic acid is your sidekick against colds, macular degeneration, inflammation, skin aging, and even the aftermath of a stroke. Get ready to unleash the power of VIT C and keep your health game strong!


MINERAL BLEND - Unleash the Elements! 

MAGNESIUM | ZINC | MANGANESE | COPPER | SELENIUM - it's like a mineral party for your body! This powerhouse combo is here to amp up your health game. These minerals are the squad you need to combat deficiencies and keep you shining. Join the mineral blend party and let the good vibes flow through your body!


AMINO BLEND - Fuel Your Fun!

Need an energy boost? Enter the Amino Blend – your ticket to a metabolism party! This blend not only kicks your metabolism into gear but also brings the vibes of increased energy, endurance, and fat-burning fun. Packed with essential and non-essential amino acids, it's the ultimate health promoter. Get ready to feel the amino magic!


B12 - The Energetic Elixir!

Meet Methylcobalamin – the active form of vitamin B12, your energetic best friend! From pernicious anemia to memory loss, B12 has your back. It's the superhero for diabetes, neuropathy, heart disease, and even circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Plus, it helps with antiaging, energy boost, mood elevation, and more! Get your daily dose of B12 and let the energy flow!

TRI-IMMUNE - Immunity At The Next Level!

Tri-Immune Boost is the ultimate superhero trio - Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, and Zinc! This power-packed blend is here to fortify your immune system like never before. Whether it's maintaining a healthy response or just kicking immune butt, Tri-Immune is your go-to. Get ready to feel the shield of immunity – strong, powerful, and ready for anything!

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